Will the Orange Lion Roar Again?

Australia v. Netherlands (Noon, ESPN) will likely be a match juxtaposed with a tenacity for attacking the goal on the part of the Dutch following their offensive explosion against Spain and extended periods of calming possession to build team chemistry for games in the future. The expectations will be sky high for the Oranje, but if their performance doesn’t equal last Friday’s, don’t be too quick to criticize. The Dutch made their statement/published a thrilling headline, now it’s time to write the body of their story with engaging and enduring characters and flow. The Socceroos will be hoping to hop in a goal on the still developing back-three of the Netherlands, which could add some drama (for at least part of the game). Of course, let’s not discount a repeat showcase of goal-scoring wonderment by the Dutch, led by Robin Van Persie and Arjen Robben. This could be the beginning of something quite golden for the men in orange…

Spain v. Chile (3:00 p.m., ESPN) is the battle for the #2 spot in Group B: period. The Spanish side is fragile, specifically mentally. The Chileans are inspired with 3 points and understand a win will all but send them through to the round of 16. However, as it’s been stated on this blog, don’t underestimate Spain. They didn’t win all those major championships the past 6 years without knowing how to rebound from a loss or setback. Nonetheless, a loss by Spain will officially end their reign as the best national team in the world.

Cameroon v. Croatia (6:00 p.m., ESPN) is likely going to see a determined Croatian side attack, attack and (you guessed it) attack a vulnerable Cameroon defense with the return of their world-class striker Mario Mandžukić. In an already hot and humid World Cup, a big win from Croatia (and its accompanying 3 points) will add some heat to the necks of the Mexicans sitting on 4 points.

Will today prove the end of Spain’s run as footballing royalty?

Can the Dutch improve on an impressive showing in their first game?

Should we learn the names of the Croatian team?

As the World Cup has already shown us just a few days into its month-long journey, anything can and will happen.

A Copa do Mundo: Simplesmente brilhante!
(“The World Cup: Simply Brilliant!”)

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