How to Make an Apple Shine

The logo of the global technological giant Apple clearly has a bite taken out of it. Clear as day. This has been the case for decades. It is unequivocally one of the most famous icons around the world. Unfortunately, the slowly evolving reality being formed is what the bite now represents. Instead of being synonymous with a leader, innovator and dream factory of ideas, the famous design with the bite is seen as its competitors taking a bite out of them as their healthy snack for the day.


How does the apple get returned to the right hands? Or, more importantly, whose hands should be holding it?

Steve Jobs was a technological genius, but he was also a promotional wizard. The vacancy of both following his death in 2011 has clearly affected Apple in a variety of ways. Despite the phenomenal devices he and his business partners have created, the bright light and magic of the company that was founded in his parent’s garage in the ’70s has dimmed to a glow.

Once products are built and sold in the marketplace with sensational popularity, the success of such a company is usually directly linked to its leader and his or her personality. Jobs symbolized a vast intelligence, great mystery, anticipation, trust, wonderment and, above all, revolutionary consumer products.

He was a spectacular performer and leader.

Two years since his death, Apple has yet to figure out how to, as the “Jobs” trailer states, “…make Apple cool again.” This is the ultimate riddle to solve. How do the company leaders and employees make Apple universally and definitively cool again?

Despite the fact the iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro and so forth remain terrific products, the aura is gradually fading. The vibe is increasingly one of admiring this company in the rear view mirror…in memory of Steve Jobs instead of in celebration of Steve Jobs.

Apple is becoming a massive company as opposed to a visionary leader.

And rebuilding the latter is what, or rather who it needs right now behind-the-scenes inventing and in the public eye selling. It needs somebody who lives and breathes the brand. It needs somebody who will staunchly defend and promote the brand. It needs somebody who will dare to think outside the box into new dimensions.

The true replacement needs to be revolutionary.

Their current CEO is Tim Cook. Maybe it’s just me, but they’ve seemed to have had good fortune when being led by guys named Steve.

Of course, I’ve also seen women handle an apple with care while also using it as a key ingredient to make some truly amazing treats…

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