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Where Am I?

Let’s play a game! More specifically, how about a riddle?   

It’s no ordinary day, that’s for sure,
for when you arrive, there’s an airy lure
After a while, it can feel mundane, just another routine,
been there, done that: The same old scene
Our imagination springs to life, where else?
‘Wait, do I still have my belt?’
You’ve dreamt about it, thought about it, realize time is running fast,
oh, here and there would be a blast in this world so vast
My seat is comfortable, everyone around me focused and calm,
all before I sink into reality, yet my mind is stuck on Guam
The final clue is all that awaits, for it’s up to you to cope,
with that board staring back, winking at you with some entertaining hope…

Where am I?

The answer will be revealed tomorrow!


Where Am I?

It’s time to play the game “Where Am I?” again!

Here’s the riddle with clues sprinkled throughout:

The sun is shining, with gorgeous views,
the water glistens and sparkles, with a hue so blue
Then all of a sudden, a torrential storm will pop-up,
raining enough to fill more than one shaking cup
Detached from the daily grind it is, an envious trait,
be sure to apply sunscreen and bring along some bait
But beware of the sharks, as well as this dangerous park,
their footprints leave terrifying, scream-worthy marks
Don’t think so literally, let your imagination sway,
now take a deep breath and enjoy your playful lay by the bay!

Have your guess ready for tomorrow’s big reveal!

Where Am I?

Time for another installment of “Where Am I?”

This post will include the clues and the destination will be revealed tomorrow.

I’m feeling a little poetic today…

Situated against a Western hill, there’s no concern of stability,
here you sip the world away in a buzz of tranquility
The sight from inside, blocked and closed-in,
sitting anywhere but out should be considered a sin
In the morning, there’s a dew, but not from a mountain,
chances are good your trip took you past a sparkling fountain
While it’s not Langley, it shares the name, you might say,
which is fitting, for it too is an open secret, starring the color grey
Window by window, stone by stone, it was built for the palate,
perhaps you’ll spot something resembling a galette
Pour over your options, do yourself this favor,
because when it comes to B-L-or D, it’ll serve something you’ll forever savor!

Good Luck and Get Your Guesses Ready!