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Notre Dame’s Eternal Faith in Technological Innovation

April 15, 2019: A fire caused devastating damage to Notre-Dame de Paris. The flames engulfed parts of the church’s history as well as offering a choice for the future: See Notre Dame only as it has been or envision Notre Dame for what it can be based on what it has been before.

Many, I believe, favor the latter.

Jimmy’s Daily Planet covered this tragic fire from a myriad of angles for that entire week in mid-April, which continues today in order to shine a light on a church that still shines its light on so many. In recent days, the doors of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris have been opened for the public to see via exclusive media footage seen below.

Given the sight of the flames doing its worst to Notre Dame, it’s remarkable just how much of the famed cathedral was protected and maintained. It will take a long time to restore Notre Dame back to its former glory. In just three months time, it’s encouraging to see — from the inside — that this iconic gothic Parisian structure will rise again. The doors will reopen to the public and people will return with a renewed faith not only in the church but also in people and organizations who rushed to help in various ways locally and around the world in the fire’s immediate aftermath.

Technological innovation started building Notre Dame’s foundation in 1163 — continuing for the next two hundred years — and it appears as if technological innovations in the 21st century will help rebuild Notre Dame in the coming few years for future generations to pray and/or visit and look around in awe.

P.S. I can’t be the only one who thinks there’s a Dan Brown novel based somewhere within or around this consequential event that was focused on a global religious icon that captured the world’s attention, right? 

Notre Dame’s Survival Builds by the Day

Notre Dame Update: 

Engulfed by a massive fire just days ago, Notre Dame Cathedral’s structural survival for rebuilding efforts appear evident and the survival of its priceless relics are being accounted for with dramatic precision. Thanks to Paris Fire Brigade Chaplain Jean-Marc Fournier, arguably the most sacred relic was saved from the inferno.

Whether in the burst of bravery for Jean-Marc Fournier or just the fortunate, salvageable location for rescue — or a combination of the two — saving the Crown of Thorns prompts an immeasurable sigh of relief and thankfulness in equal measure for millions of people around the world.

For a more in-depth look into the history of the Crown (or Helmet) of Thorns, watch Morgan Freeman speak with a curator of the crown in Notre Dame from earlier this year.

Notre Dame Cathedral will rise again and it will do so with its irreplaceable, spiritually inspiring crown for-the-ages.

The Rise of Notre Dame Will Be Cathedral’s Next Episode

When the unthinkable happens, the equal and opposite reaction should also be unthinkable.

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Yesterday’s devastating fire to the more than 800-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was heart-wrenching to watch as a fire–reportedly related to the most recent $6 million+ renovation efforts–took down the famous spire and roof, causing additional damage inside. Having visited Notre Dame, like so many people around the world, it was difficult to witness the destruction on live TV.

Just a day later and the latest developments are encouraging given the circumstance.

French President Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed his heartbroken citizens (and global community mourning in solidarity) earlier today.

“We will rebuild Notre Dame within five years.”  

–French President Emmanuel Macron 

Rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral inside of five years seems unthinkable. But the good, inspiring kind of unthinkable. And it’s a grand challenge Parisians and the world will be watching, supporting and praying for in the years to come.

After a massive fire engulfed Notre Dame, the popular cathedral deserves a lasting vision in the future that honors and celebrates its decorated past.

Thankfully, that process appears to be underway.