You’ve Got a Friend (Well, Seven) in ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Spoiler Alert: Content below features a few spoilers (of sorts) from last night’s ‘Big Bang Theory’ series finale.

With last night’s series finale of ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ it seems appropriate to post a video with the show’s cast expressing gratitude for their dedicated fans who watched them for 12 seasons from all around the country and the world.

The hour-long series finale was fantastic, filled with hilarious punchlines coupled with heartwarming moments as was the tradition on the show. It was great. However, there are still a few lingering questions:

  • What caused the immediate change of heart with Penny having a baby?
  • Why didn’t Penny have a last name?
  • Where were Sheldon’s final three knocks? No “Soft Kitty” or reference to “Soft Kitty”? No bazinga?
  • Why didn’t Howard’s dad make an appearance or why wasn’t that mystery — which was teased in an earlier season — firmly resolved on camera?
  • Why did Howard wear an alien pin in every single episode of the series? 

Maybe I’m being too picky. Too mired in the details? An hour sounds like a long time, but the writers did a great job of crafting a cohesive story in about 42 minutes of actual air time to cram in a lot of things for a lot of characters to wrap the series up in a nice way. My questions above aren’t meant as massive critiques of the final show as a whole — they aren’t — but instead, highlight a few missing classic ‘Big Bang Theory’ shout-outs and what seemed like must-see revelations.

Above all, I really thought the writers would reveal why Howard wore an alien pin in every single episode (279 of them). It was there every time yet it was never mentioned or explained as what could have been revealed as a profound characteristic of the character?

Perhaps series co-creator Chuck Lorre put it best on his famous pause-worthy vanity card after the series finale last night:

“The end.”

Lingering questions aside, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ had a Nobel ending as one of the great sitcoms.

P.S. The ending of ‘Young Sheldon’ last night was yet another perfect synchronization with its parent show…and its characters.

Just perfect. 


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