RIP Ramsey

Once the tears started…

Throughout the past decade, I spent countless hours walking, running, talking and just having fun with Ramsey, who was my oldest sister’s white Maltipoo that lived a towering 13.5 years and proved the “man’s best friend” adage true. His bouncy, boundless energy was infectious and having him jump up onto my lap and then petting him while he was calm as could be made me smile every time as did seeing him sprint to the door when he caught sight of people arriving.

That was Ramsey’s gift and he was so happy to give it to others. And Ramsey was a genuine hero and we made sure he knew and felt our gratitude for what he did in that specific instant.

Ramsey will be remembered as a happy dog that battled some tough health issues late in his life as best as he possibly could have. It was heartbreaking to see him struggle in these moments because there was little (if anything) we could do to help him. Above all, he was a comforting, joyful dog that showed affection and safeguarded the people he loved and those who loved him returned the favor.

Ramsey will be missed forever.

RIP Ramsey. 


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