The Minions Experiment: Part II?

Columbus Crew SC owner Anthony Precourt’s Twitter:

“The colors Black & Gold also feel stale and dated after 21 years…#CrewSC”

This is the same person who approved (and possibly initiated) the mind-boggling “City of Columbus”/Minions kits with the light blue shorts and a jersey with strange looking yellow streaks down the middle. Mr. Precourt has certainly made some good decisions for the club. That’s a fact. But he also continues to make recent error after recent error. For starters, he didn’t appear to firmly stand up to LAFC for literally stealing the Crew’s signature (and MLS exclusive) Black & Gold color scheme. The Crew is even nicknamed, “The Black & Gold.”

Fans certainly had strong reactions to the new soccer kits for this season, which inspired a Jimmy Kimmel “Mean Tweets” video segment.

With that being said, there is one thing that’s for damn certain with his latest tweet!

He might finally understand the genuine backlash over whimsically changing the Crew’s beloved branding identity.

Well played, Mr. Precourt, well played.

That was a good April Fools’ joke, except for the fact that half of Crew Nation probably has just cause for suspecting he’s not altogether kidding. We’ll find a little more about whether he considers himself an owner of an MLS club or if he is indeed a convert to the history, spirit and embodiment of the Columbus Crew SC. How will he react when LAFC officially unveils its black and gold kits? When LAFC plays its first game at MAPFRE Stadium?

Until then, it’s okay to joke about this on April Fools’ via Twitter. However, it’s what he does after today that will reveal whether he’s a real favorite among fans. Mr. Precourt has done many good things for Crew Nation and Columbus, but it’s time he starts defending his (and our) Columbus Crew SC and its defining colors with the tenacity of Mike Clark or Todd Yeagley.

And like the old #3 and #6, fans would be just fine if Anthony Precourt earned a yellow card (so-to-speak) for unequivocally defending The Black & Gold.


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