Casting an Ironclad Legacy

Thankfully, not all college students are clueless PC zombies.

Students at the University of Kent (Canterbury, England) have submitted a proposal to honor the late (and great) Margaret Thatcher with a statue on their campus. If you need a quick refresher, there’s a video for that.

The NBC News article, “Margaret Thatcher Deserves 250-Foot Tall Statue, Backers Say” by Alexander Smith revealed the stunning details.

  • 250-Feet Tall
  • Made of iron (of course)
  • The statue would rest atop a marble pedestal standing 50 feet
  • Cost is ~$425 million

Margaret Thatcher was a bold leader of her generation, inspiring men and women in Europe, as well as her American friends across the pond. One of the reasons people admired her, beyond philosophy, was shown in the clip above. Prime Minister Thatcher could hang with anybody at anytime. Her insight, successes and legacy (for conservatism and for women) warrants a monument for the public to admire.

A statue that stands 250 feet tall? The final height may have to be negotiated. Regardless, the students appear to have a strong, determined resolve.

“This is not us having a joke — it is a serious proposal,” 20-year-old Emilio Kyprianou, chairman of the Conservative association and the project’s driving force, told NBC News on Tuesday. “This challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.”

An iron resolve, if you will.


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