Filming in Space, You Are?


(Colin Trevorrow, Comic Book Cast)

“I asked the question, ‘Is it possible for us to shoot IMAX film plates in actual space for Star Wars?’,” he said.

“I haven’t gotten an answer yet, but they’ve shot IMAX in space.”
–Colin Trevorrow

Filming Star Wars: Episode IX in the stars?

Let the war for cinema’s best practical effects begin.

Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow, working on his second mega franchise with Star Wars, revealed this stunning news recently during a panel at the Sundance Film Festival. He and a few directors, including Christopher Nolan, were discussing the incomparable quality and necessary future of film as an alternative to digital for filmmakers when this golden nugget surprisingly made its way into the conversation.

The conversation for saving film as a means for making movies is a worthy discussion for another day.

Returning to the burgeoning and ambitious young director, Mr. Trevorrow clearly means business in preparing to tackle the Star Wars universe. If simply daring to direct his second prodigious blockbuster isn’t proof enough.

One of the primary consequences of Star Wars: Episodes I-III was a rejection of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) as central, interactive settings. This forced a return to the newest trilogy to feature locations that are rooted in practical effects. Add in supreme storytelling, better characters (ie-Jar Jar Binks) and a modern twist with a vintage, blue lightsaber glow.

Regarding the first film in the new trilogy, J.J. Abrams did an amazing job with The Force Awakens. The blockbuster utilized practical effects to the max. However, like any industry, innovation is paramount (the word, not the studio). Despite the lack of perfect effects, though groundbreaking at the time, the original Star Wars trilogy is cherished by fans for its revolutionary look and feel.

Episode IV, for example, looks like 1977. Watching this classic is like opening up a time capsule with a lightsaber inside.

Episode IX, with an expected release in 2019, could very well turn an important page for science-fiction epics in ways found only in our imaginations.

The investment in more practical effects correlating with demand for more realism in cinema is constantly increasing. The ROI has proven to be remarkable for movies that mimic real life to a certain extent, yet still give us what we want in a movie and in the theater: suspended belief.

Imagine a Star Wars battle scene, set in outer space, that’s actually filmed in outer space…

That would certainly be a new hope for the series.

Colin Trevorrow’s vision for Star Wars: Episode IX is bigger than any IMAX screen.


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