Happy Monday

2015 MLS Cup at Crew Stadium: 14 vs. 11

Evidenced by the unbelievable (not an exaggeration) non-call on a pass that rolled an unmistakable two yards out-of-bounds by a Portland Timbers player just 6 or so minutes into the game, the continuation of this play that led to a cross into the Columbus Crew box that was headed into the net by a Timber in obvious offside position, the officials made it clear to everybody watching that they were biased against the Crew with destructible consequences.

These two consecutive embarrassing miscalls led to an early 2-nil lead for Portland (instead of 1-nil), defining the tone with a favorite in mind.

Important: The head official, Jair Marrufo (chosen by the league) was the same ref that years earlier had granted a controversial free kick to the Chicago Fire against the Columbus Crew. The Fire scored and won on this undeserved kick. After the game, Marrufo received a signed jersey from the Fire player (Blanco) who benefited from the controversial whistle.    

From subsequent yellow card offenses that were never shown to a penalty kick not being awarded to multiple instances of diving by the Timbers (appropriate team name), the officials’ IQ of soccer would scrape the bottom of a grungy gutter.

Disgraceful (and completely inexcusable), especially for a championship game at the professional level.

The crowd was electric and the atmosphere and energy before and during the match was special. Unfortunately, the Crew did not play its best game. That’s the truth. However, the prejudiced officiating changed the game and gave clear advantages to the Portland Timbers that influenced the result.

The final score was 2-1.

There are moments when we just need to laugh to take a break from crying, so here’s a very short, temporary relief for Crew fans everywhere.

Laughing and crying (at the same time) at something completely unrelated to our frustrations can work pretty well serving as a welcomed distraction.

This game will sting for a long, long time, but Crew fans must look on the bright side. Life can be very unfair, yet it’s those who find that shred of light in the blinding storm in the present who are able to find success in the uncertain future.

Have a Massive Week. 


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