Strength in the Unknown

Christmas and New Years in Ohio is a bit unusual…for me, anyways.

For around 20 years, my family would travel abroad and vacation for about 2 weeks in incredible destinations overseas. The locations were breathtakingly wonderful and unforgettable. The memories I have from these trips made an impression on me that have been defining, to say the least. However (as explained in a previous blog post), marriages and children halted the “Lentz 5” adventures and instead created new family vacation traditions. Still, there is a one spot that will always generate a unique and special remembrance: Thailand.

Back in 2004, a tsunami devastated Thailand, as well as surrounding areas bordered by the Indian Ocean. It was a natural disaster of epic proportions. Hell on Earth. Yet, people (tourists and locals alike) rallied together to survive, for themselves and complete strangers. These powerfully amazing acts of kindness and heroism have resonated with me because that tsunami very easily could have hit a resort like the ones we’ve stayed at in areas practically identical to the one featured in the 2013 movie, The Impossible. This film is all too real when it comes to the beautiful beaches and land of Thailand and generosity of the Thai people and fellow vacationers. I recommend people see it, but there are some difficult scenes to watch, just as an FYI. And as actress Naomi Watts has said, the events in the movie are stunningly accurate. This is because the family at the center of the film really experienced what is shown in the movie.

This time of year reminds me of my epic family trips (like Thailand), the Christmas spirit and the hope and magnanimity from people all around the world in anticipation for the new year. The Impossible, despite its devastatingly raw realities, needed to be made. And, thankfully, it was.

Don’t simply think of the impossible, but find a way to be the impossible to yourself and others.

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