A Model Family

Spoiler Alert: Content in this post is from the December 10, 2014 episode of The Goldbergs

We’ve all “walked the walk” at some point in our lives.

And by “walk the walk,” I mean strutting down our own personalized, made-up model runway in our house. For Barry, fashion recruiter/agent John Calabasas was going to make his wildest dreams come true. Paris is beautiful this time of year! Having more than a strong hunch that this was a scam, Erica desperately tried to talk her brother out of changing the world with his one-of-a-kind look…discovered in a Philadelphia mall…on a random weekday. All it would cost Barry was $100. To him, that seemed like a completely fair and legitimate deal.

The clothing line, “Barry Comfortable” would be hitting shelves in the very near future!

But then Beverly (at the request of Erica) decided to investigate this modeling agency more closely with a mother’s eye. After doing so, she entered the modeling picture…literally.

Hanging out at the other end of the mall was Adam, Emmy and Murray, as they waited in a long line for E.T. The tenth time is always the charm. What wasn’t a charm was seeing Murray’s dad (ie – Pop Pop) that same afternoon. This mini family reunion was short, tense and unsatisfying, which created a lasting and palpable awkwardness. Clearly, there was a serious problem problem with Pop Pop.

Barry, the delicious boy that he is (Beverly’s words), certainly took suburban Philadelphia by storm. This was especially true once the very professional looking and qualified agent from John Calabasas discovered Beverly as the next great “mom model.” The ensuing photo shoot was priceless:

(The Goldbergs, Twitter)

(The Goldbergs, Twitter)

Pure modeling talent aside for a moment, Adam intentionally and unintentionally forced his dad (who protected his feelings like a prison guard at Alcatraz) to confront his dad, Pop Pop. Declaring to his son Adam that they would not have the same argumentative and distant relationship that he had with his father, Murray stormed over to Pop Pop’s house and finally told his dad how he felt. It was out there in the open for the first time. It was a walk and stare down that Adam had never seen before in real life.

It was like discovering an alien with a glowing finger in your family’s shed in the backyard. This was uncharted territory.

Plus, the “no pants rule” was clearly hereditary.

While the next chapter of the Murray-Pop Pop feud was spoken and heard, Erica finally convinced Beverly to second-guess John Calabasas. How? She did the only thing she could at this point, which was to reveal her embarrassing modeling pictures from the very same agency. Erica knew it and now Beverly knew the truth: it was a scam. So, after confronting the perfectly cast John Calabasas agent (Rob Huebel), mom model Beverly got her son Barry an official modeling job. Sure, it was the cover of the John Calabasas modeling brochure with the caption that essentially read, “If I can be a model, then you can be a model,” but that seemed to satisfy Barry’s modeling craze for the last days of this year in 1980-something.

And what about Murray and Pop Pop? Let’s just say they quietly made a new years resolution to change their moronic ways. It was a smile worthy moment.

This episode is the last one of 2014 because the family celebrated the television countdown of New Year’s Eve together. But have no fear, 2015 is just a few weeks around the corner!

Last night’s story proved that E.T. is still awesome, sometimes it’s a really nice bonus to feel like a model in someone’s eyes for just a little bit (even if it’s a scam) and that spending time with family doing things is important because, otherwise, we’d all just be a bunch of moronic strangers living together instead of being a connected group of people (who do moronic things) who are there for each other no matter what.

Fittingly, all of the Goldbergs ended New Year’s Eve in 1980-something by walking their own walk.

Happy New Year ’80s style!


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