Happy Halloween!

Michael Myers, the killers from the Scream movies, pumpkins, evil leprechauns, ghosts and goblins, curses and witchcraft, candy galore, mysterious fog and wild costumes round out what Halloween is mostly all about.


It’s a great time of year when our imaginations can run wild and we can be as scary or humorously creative as we want. Ultimately, it’s a celebration and a time of year when we love to be scared; getting our heart racing is a plus. Visiting costume stores/depots that are set-up for about a couple months is always entertaining because we discover what the top costumes will be in a particular year in popular culture. This year there will be current favorites like Game of Thrones and Guardians of the Galaxy, classics like a cat and a ghost, plus nostalgic returns like the dynamically dumb duo of Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas. But let’s be 100% sure not what neglect a cinematic treasure from the past that can be viewed and celebrated by people of all ages (especially Millennials). We can watch the scariest films we want, but somewhere in our playlist must be a movie that stars three witches, a talking cat and some salt.

When I say, “Hocus,” you say…

Happy Halloween!


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