My Captain America

Sometimes, we need to go through a little transformation.

For some, there may just be a tiny thing wrong (through no fault of their own) that needs fixing by way of a major procedure. Without divulging too much information, somebody I love is getting open-heart surgery today (which is strange because this person has one of the best hearts I know!). It’s difficult to grasp this situation, but the best doctor is leading the surgery, so that’s somewhat calming.

Still, it’s surreal to contemplate.

This person’s favorite superhero is Captain America. For those who have seen the major motion picture Captain America: The First Avenger, one of the most memorable scenes is when Steve Rogers undergoes a major procedure that transforms him into the iconic, aforementioned American hero.

Here is that scene:

As it turns out, the person getting surgery today and Captain America have a few things in common, like the fact that they will both be stronger inside and out as a result of their transformation. However, while most everyone else knows Captain America from the movies, for me (after today), when I hear or see Captain America, I won’t think of Chris Evans.

Praying everything works out perfectly for my Captain America.

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