The Next Social Experience

The million dollar question (actually, more like the billion dollar question) is what will fill the social media void currently occupied by Facebook, Twitter and the like?

My guess is something oddly familiar.

An entirely new hangout was digitally created with a Gatsby-sized guest list, grand fireworks and overall glamorous party atmosphere. Facebook (or gained in popularity while subconsciously entering into the psyche of college students everywhere. It became a function of life. Before or after class, you checked Facebook. Nearly a decade later though, twenty-somethings are searching for and accepting résumés for the newest “social space.”

While Facebook is still relevant and useful, the next “big thing” should be getting packaged and preparing for delivery to the public within a year or so. It’s time. Literally.

The recent scandal and revelations about the NSA and IRS should have an effect on the digital generation/Millennials and prompt a new space to emerge that is less adept and capable at tracking and collecting valuable information. Unfortunately, we may all live in a world that is irreversibly “on the grid.” As a result, one of the goals should be to limit the reach of this “grid” and reveal as little as possible while still living life fluidly.

Say there is an event being held somewhere (like at a theater downtown, a restaurant, a wine and cheese bar, etc.) and the organizers want to advertise this happening. What if there was a readily-available and easily operated application whose sole purpose was to 1. spread news quickly far and wide and 2. tally the number of people attending.

No personal profile. No personal pictures. No personal information.

Instead, any personal information would be divulged at your discretion. For example, any limited disclosure of personal information would result from an interesting conversation you have with someone from across the room who struck your fancy. Maybe you showed him or her a funny picture from your phone. Perhaps you tell them you finished a major paper and are out celebrating.

It’s up to you.

The App will be called, “RSVP.”

This App is meant to encourage a gathering of people for social events, sometimes spur of the moment celebrations (by sponsored, well-known and trusted organizations). Could be an “underground” concert at a popular concert hall/room, an after-hours wine and cheese tasting at a chic wine bar, a themed outdoor party (ie-“The Great Gatsby”), a special art gallery reveal or a viewing party with a major projection screen showing the game(s) during a prominent soccer tournament with mini-fields to play on with friends and fellow event-goers. These are only a few examples.

Unlike previous social media, the social interactions with “RSVP” are made in-person and information is revealed at each person’s pleasing. No secret digital monitoring or information gathering. There are other App’s with this premise in mind, except they are much more extravagant and include significantly more information than I’m proposing. For my App, the organizers, not the participants, would post any relevant pictures or information.

Here’s how it works: Participant X buys the App and when an App-approved Event Organizer Y posts a new event, Person X is notified with a number that pops up next to the App.

The primary purpose of “RSVP” is to serve as a basic, yet effective, tool to spread the word to get people to a fun event.

That’s it. Just RSVP.


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