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I’m an Ohioan and I Approve This Message

The 2012 Presidential Election is tomorrow. This means two things:

1. The president for the next four years will be determined (and Ohio will play a minor role)

2. The never-ending loop of political ads will stop!

I live in the Buckeye State and that means I’ve seen and heard every single kind of political ad that’s been made. Just in the past couple months, and this is rounding down, ~99% of all commercials during basic cable news broadcasts, sitcoms, sporting events, etc. have been political. Both parties do them and both parties go way over the top, particularly with the quantity level.

*Bottom Line: Of all the ads and commercials, good and bad, that have played in the state of Ohio throughout this election cycle (I don’t even want to know the actual number), here is the winner of…

The Best Political Commercial of 2012:

I live in Ohio and I approve this message