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What’s Inside a Soccer Ball?

Men, suits and ceremonial procedures.

That’s right, Europe’s footballing boardroom views the world’s most popular sport, played outside on grass, as a business. And the sport’s most important trophy for club teams was officially handed-over to its newest host city for the title game: Milan. The four teams that qualified for the Champions League semi-final learned their fate with their next opponent via a lottery drawing today.

Manchester City is the underdog in this high-stakes semi-final, despite its brand awareness. However, don’t completely count out the lone British club. Anything can happen in this sport, especially in the Champions League in the year 2016/two days ago.

(Cough-cough Atlético Madrid beating Barcelona)  

Four teams have the chance to earn something supremely life-changing:

Victory gelato in Milan!

Plus, that pretty cool, legacy-defining Champions League trophy.