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Defining Bruce

Because of the nature of life, each of us faces an infinite number of choices and makes a finite number of decisions in our lifetimes. Just as it’s fascinating to study history on a decade-by-decade basis, the same goes for ourselves when reflecting on the person we are at various ages. For some of us, there is dramatic change and, for others, not so much. Our lives are impacted by controlled settings, while also being influenced by variable happenstance.

Relative to our own lives, with every passing minute, we make cognizant and subconscious choices about the person we want our peers to see, both familiar and unfamiliar. Do we appear to be nice? Are we seen as attractive? Do I look intelligent? Are we the same great kid we used to be? These are just a few sample questions we may ask ourselves before venturing out into the public. For most of the people we encounter, they have never met us and, therefore, don’t know who we really are. The window of opportunity is small, but the right impression can make a lasting impression. Some of us put more thought and consideration into whether or not our aura is appropriately glowing (thank you Topanga!).

Understanding what we want on a random Friday night, or in life, can be easy. Or, it can be difficult and spark deep, introspective reflections. The answers can be clear one moment and cloudy the next.

Coming to the right conclusions requires a continuous education of ourselves and of the world that surrounds us, both in relative peace and chaos.

Expect the unexpected and remember the key is being able to recognize when it’s time to swim and when it’s time to act, whatever that means.

(Please turn the volume up)

Sometimes, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Justin Bieber is in a high speed car chase with paparazzi. Someone obscene on a “Real Housewives” show yells something obscene to a fellow housewife who usually acts obscene. News breaks that Kim Kardashian is walking and talking at the same time! On any given day, this very well could qualify as “news” from Hollywood. It’s sad. Let’s not forget about the lowest forms of humanity: the cast of “The Jersey Shore.” While having never seen the show (& quite Proud of that), I’ve unfortunately been exposed to about five seconds of it on television in one way or another. That was far too much. What has happened to people in front of cameras?

Whether it is the afternoon, early evening or during television’s primetime, there is a constant barrage of cursing bleeps and childish fighting by adults (‘adults’ qualified by age alone). Certainly not all apply, but it seems as if most reality shows promoted for ‘entertainment’ purposes are revealing a depressing reality. Manners, courtesy, respectfulness, intelligence and being all-around good role models are foreign characteristics to the people who are featured on “Real Housewives” of wherever, “Jersey Shore” plus any other MTV production or dating shows in the wild. This generation of kids are too often exposed to the people on the reality shows mentioned above that are reported on daily, as if to give them a societal stamp of approval. Where are their role models?

Earlier this week, a few photos were leaked. Assuming where this was going, I shrugged my shoulders and exhaled in expected disappointment. However, the pictures weren’t partially blurred for censorship, but instead fully exposed. They didn’t make you cringe, but rather smile because it was a confirmation of good. The pictures leaked were of Christian Bale, today’s Batman.

“Words cannot express the horror that I feel. I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them” –Christian Bale

A couple of days ago, he and his wife took it upon themselves to personally visit, with no press alert, the victims and first responders of the horror that transpired in the shooting at a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado last Friday morning. Pictures got out because if someone has a phone, they likely have a camera and with social media outlets galore to choose from, people want to share their excitement of seeing and meeting Batman himself.  What’s more is he didn’t have to visit, he chose to visit.

Bale and his wife spent quite a bit of time in Aurora, including the memorial directly across from the Century 16 movie theater to pay their respects.

Christian Bale visits the memorial across the street from the Century 16 movie theater July 24, 2012 in Aurora, Colorado.

Credit: Joshua Lott/Getty Images

According to, “Hospital interim president Bill Voloch said Bale spent about 2½ hours at the hospital, where he met with five people being treated for their injuries. Two others came from Swedish Medical Center to meet Bale, who stars as Batman/Bruce Wayne.”

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Christian Bale poses with Aurora, Colo. shooting victim Carey Rottman. (Credit: Carey Rottman/Facebook)

People who admire and are fans of Christian Bale’s interpretation of Batman were willing to lose sleep to watch the trilogy’s epic conclusion. Devastatingly for a group of fans in suburban Denver, their viewing coincided with an unthinkable tragedy. The movie is called, “The Dark Knight Rises,” and for the people of Aurora, Colorado, that title has taken on a slightly new meaning.