Only ONE SIDE Matters in Good vs. Pure Evil

The tragedy in Charlottesville, VA has been covered on the news by every angle, but only one side (NOT “many sides”) of this story matters:

The good men and women who stood up for equality and human rights for all people.

The people who bravely and proudly showed up in Virginia to protest against hate represented every American watching TV in shock as that tragedy unfolded. These counter-protestors stood up for what’s right against the absolutely vile, revolting, reprehensible and hellish views and flags of David Duke and his white supremacist followers. Those (insert your own choice phrases here) carrying Nazi flags and promoting white supremacy on American soil will burn in hell. These people are the scum of the earth and they are not only on the wrong side of history and humanity, but they are on the worst side.

At this point, many of us are left wondering how this happened in 2017? Why are these people filled with so much hate and pure evil? It’s physically painful to have to write about this event and subject matter. More so, it’s disturbing and utterly heartbreaking.

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon spoke about Charlottesville last night. Like Mr. Fallon, I prefer not to dive into political issues too often on my blog (despite my passion for politics). However, some cases warrant a response, like what transpired this past weekend.

Well said, Jimmy Fallon.

President Trump’s multiple responses in Charlottesville’s aftermath, and his lack of definitive, immediate and obvious condemnation during the tragedy, have been shocking and chilling. The president speaks passionately about building a wall along America’s southern border. So why couldn’t he passionately deliver an equally and unmistakingly impenetrable rhetorical wall against David Duke and white supremacists during the Charlottesville protest and tragedy, during and immediately after?

It’s difficult to find words right now to react to the president’s real reactions to Charlottesville.

But shameful, tragically unreal and disgraceful are a start.


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