That Bold Declaration of Independence Turned 241 Today

August 2, 1776 is a date Americans have burned into their memories as one of the most important days in this country’s history.

Wait…what day was that?

Yes, August 2, 1776, was when John Hancock became the first delegate of the Continental Congress to sign the Declaration of Independence. And he did so in very memorable fashion, as we all know. As such a critical event in American history, it seems appropriate that August 2nd should be celebrated in America by some kind of ceremony involving citizens signing a document in public squares as large as they can to honor that unforgettably powerful signature by Mr. Hancock during this country’s vulnerable entrance into the world.

Here’s a visual refresher concerning John Hancock, courtesy of the 1972 film 1776.

John Hancock’s signature on the Declaration of Independence is a great reminder that if you’re going to do something bold and big, then it’s best to make sure everyone knows that what you’re doing is genuinely a bold action and a big deal.

Like forming a new nation.


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