America’s Next Top Model?

There’s no Flux Capacitor, but…

Business Insider is reporting that electric car company Tesla, led by innovator Elon Musk, will be making the Model 3 that will be built by year-end 2017 (or possibly the beginning of 2018) and will not exceed the $35,000 mark. Usually tens of thousands of dollars more expensive, this appears to be the hyped-about (and necessary) next step towards an emissions-free car market.

A small step, yes, but it’s a step forward that leaves a smaller footprint burnout.

$35,000 is an expensive price tag, but it’s at least within range and consideration of people who buy luxury SUV’s and luxury sedans and the Toyota Avalon. Business Insider also reported that applicable tax breaks and incentives could spark a price plummet of nearly $10,000.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s Toyota Camry territory.

The point is that Tesla’s forthcoming innovation towards a more affordable electric car, with their current models receiving sensational reviews, should expand their marketplace and improve their target demographics. People will be able to invest in a car and a renewable future. With the Millennial generation that focuses on (and responds to) business pursuits that simultaneously promote social good, Tesla’s Model 3 could become the next iPhone in the sense that the next versions will be followed by the masses with anticipation and an infectious energy for its new gadgets and groundbreaking features for the road.

Let’s not dive into Musk’s sour feelings of Steve Jobs and Apple right now. The above hypothesis was just a general observation.

The Model 3 will shine its lights on March 31, 2016: Plug it into your calendars.


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