The Time Space Levitated

“Arx Pax has some other pretty exciting real-world results to boast about as well. SpaceX will be allowing teams to use the MFA technology in its Hyperloop competition, and NASA even wants to use the technology to move microsatellites around in space, working on a scale of centimeters to move and control CubeSats.”
–Christian de Looper, Tech Times

The Hendo Hoverboard (made by Arx Pax) has a big debut tomorrow of its next generation hoverboard on everyone’s date for the future: October 21, 2015. The design is reported to be sleeker and improved control, along with a couple new bells and whistles for those who reside in the tech corner (USB connectivity, anyone?). Arx Pax certainly has promising plans in the days and years to come, which is a great sign.


Because their ingenuity and persistence confirms a future where hovering technology will not frustratingly remain as a crazy idea from the past/future, depending on your understanding of the space-time continuum. Achieving our ultimate dream of owning and riding a nimble hoverboard that glides on any non-water surface and turns on a dime in the town square may or may not happen, but living in a world with things that hover is revealing itself to be quite possible.

That makes for a pretty cool future.

Tomorrow is October 21, 2015!


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