Television’s Newest Attraction

Put up this wall!

While President Reagan was absolutely right to boldly declare the Berlin Wall be torn down on June 12, 1987, LG was right to present the world with an inventive wall to build of their own a couple days ago in Seoul, South Korea nearly 28 yeas later in 2015.

LG Display, which is a subsidiary of the tech giant LG, recently revealed a product that will surely become standard in future homes: a wallpaper television. And it’s precisely what it sounds like. Measuring less than a millimeter in screen thickness, this prototype wallpaper TV virtually blends right onto the wall where you hang it. Using a magnetic pad of equal size (55-inches), the shockingly light 4-pound television adds unprecedented versatility to television watching and entertainment ventures.

The OLED quality colorfully defines this spectacular innovation.

(PC Magazine)

(PC Magazine)

Whether speaking about this type of invention with friends and family or writing on Jimmy’s Daily Planet in the past few years about how entire walls in homes will someday (in the not so completely distant future) be screens that will be conducive to watching television, playing video games, displaying art portraits, being cloud-friendly, a home control center, etc., this is a genuinely exciting moment. Forget about the astronomical price this TV would demand right now because most innovations are too costly to the consumer, until they’re not.

Now the actual business element of LG Display will begin with a dialogue with the design team. The next challenge is offering this as an affordable product to the public in the next several years. LG is experienced with producing and selling high-quality televisions and other tech goods, so determining the pricing, manufacturing, testing and scaling should not constitute a Herculean task.

The possibilities this technology presents as a television are thrilling, but the imaginative uses in smaller and vastly larger form, as a teaching tool, a business tool and so forth are just as exhilarating. At this point, the functionality for this technology is limitless and it will very likely change television forever when it’s perfected in LG’s labs and finally available to consumers for purchase.

Going from scratch and sniff stickers to peel and stick high-definition televisions…

Yeah, life’s good.


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