“Don’t you, forget about me…”

12:15 p.m. Pens, pencils and fingers down. Let the madness begin!

March 21st is not only the day the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament starts (sans play-in games), but is also the second day of Spring. An important question to ask ourselves before the sealing wax is impressed on the envelope containing our acutely examined NCAA bracket is, “Which team will be ‘reborn’ during this tournament?”

There is no consensus “best team” in the nation. Number one seeds are naturally perceived as the favorites and most likely to win. However, Louisville, Indiana, Gonzaga and Kansas have not been dominant throughout the entire season. Each has had its stumbles and one, in particular, has endured embarrassing losses (cough cough–Kansas). Neither of these teams have a “golden ticket” to the National Championship or the Final Four.

In terms of being ‘reborn,’ this references to a team or teams that are very good, but have had a couple bad setbacks and therefore lost the attention of the country and commentators. One of the vital factors, if not the most important in making this determination, is the man who sits second in from the scorers table. A college head coach, more so than in the NBA, can spark an improbable comeback and maintain composure with his players in the most frantic and stressful situations.

The evening of January 19th was a prime example of the magic that is yearned for every year in college basketball. The game was close throughout and literally came down to the last play of the game. Relive the madness, January edition.

Brad Stevens is the coolest coach under pressure in college basketball today. His teams are fundamentally sound and he is refreshing in his demeanor. Stevens is grateful in victory and gracious in defeat. The Bulldogs did lose five games in conference and finished third at the conclusion of the Atlantic 10 regular season. Even despite their past success, most have put them in the, pardon the pun, “doghouse.”

I am not predicting Butler to win the national championship, but they did beat Gonzaga (#1 seed) and Indiana (#1 seed) in close games this season. Usually, victories in late March come down to a final shot or defensive stand…

And is it just me, or does it seem like Brad Stevens was born for this.


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