“Nothing But The Best”

85 = 4 + 9 +2

My grandfather’s 85th Birthday Celebration brought together his 4 children and their spouses, his 9 grandchildren (plus 1 husband) and his 2 great-grandchildren. While we are not the Romneys, it was still a large family get together. Gathering in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, cousins and relatives flew in from all over to honor a man we proudly refer to as Pardner.

The party was a throwback in a few senses. There was a live band with instruments (no DJ or MacBook Pro), a singer, delightful hors d’oeuvres, drinks for all ages and, above all, great company. Fittingly, the soiree was at a superb country club built for such occasions.

Shortly after taking our seats, one grandchild observed, “It’s strange when nearly everyone at the kids table has a glass of wine.” Rest assured, we were all cognizant of the situation and it can be reported that nobody was ‘ossified.’ Now, if “Call Me Maybe” had started playing, things may have gotten a little crazy for a variety of reasons.

Grandchildren and great-grandchildren worthy of their own sitcom aside, it was a wonderful night for a wonderful man. Through speeches, his brother, friends and children paid tribute to their friend and father who changed and shaped their lives. They encapsulated the greatness and admirable attributes of somebody who has gone and continues to go to great lengths to make our lives better. Truly a gentleman.

The man we all call Pardner was celebrated and honored in grand fashion and rightly so. He was a superb tennis player and captain at a major university and continues to give back to his community and to those less fortunate. Not only are we proud to call him our father, grandfather and great-grandfather, but he should feel proud of his children and the success of their children.

Here is a list of the schools his children and grandchildren have attended and are attending:

Arizona, Cornell, Grove City College, IU, UNC, Penn State, Purdue (2), Quinnipiac (2), UVA and Wisconsin (2)

No matter where our lives take us, there will always be one constant for us all: Pardner’s legacy will continue to live on in places all across the country and even world. Perhaps it’s in the form of tennis or a happy disposition or genuine concern for his or her fellow person or in finding great love. Maybe it will shine through in a way Pardner lives and only Frank can say…

After the last picture was taken, the final song was played & the last drink was drunk, the time had come for us to call it a night. We always hear about “The Greatest Generation” and how incredible and amazing they are.

Luckily for us, we have a primary source.

Happy 85th Birthday Pardner!

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  1. What a wonderful tribute! Pardner and I are both very touched. Well done!

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