Happy Monday!

This past weekend, I watched, The Skeleton Twins. The movie was original, entertaining, emotionally raw, fun, serious and, above all, a reminder of the importance and complexities of family. And the cast (Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, Luke Wilson, Ty Burrell) was fantastic. This collection of actors, all with a comedic background, was ideal for this serious drama with spontaneous (and vital) comedic interruptions. It’s not a lighthearted film, yet it’s a good one for the heart to see.

One of the best scenes is in the video clip below. A brother sees his sister (who he’s trying to reconcile with) is need of a pick-me-up. Milo’s prescription for Maggie was perfect.

Starship brings out the magic in everyone.

Have an Awesome Week…Only 3 Days Until Christmas! 

Back to the Past in the Present

“…the oddest thing about what’s happening right now is that we’ve stopped living our lives and we’re just recording them”
– George Clooney (Esquire interview, 2013)

Pinpoint insight from Mr. Clooney who (like many of us) have been increasingly aware that the appeal and function of social media is overwhelming our natural instincts to live and simply exist in the moment. Social media has its positives and negatives and its consumers continue to make these determinations for its value each and every day. However, it has reached a critical fork-in-the-road whereby people need to determine if we (in the picture taking and video recording sense) want to be a present or past society?

Snapping (well, tapping) a picture is a good, fun thing. But tapping photos of everything is not and the same notion qualifies for recording video. We need to remember how to filter the important from the mundane. There is a difference. And not to be misunderstood, taking an amazing photo and/or video is certainly a cool thing. Without question. But as Ferris Bueller famously said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it.”

Wise words.

Why should we relentlessly restrict our lives to a 4-inch screen when the entire world is within our reach and sight? What do you think Michael Cera?

The randomness of life is so awesome that we shouldn’t limit these incredible chance moments from happening right in front of us.

Think of it as “Instaliving.”

The Sexiest Cameo Alive

Did “The Jenkintown Posse” (JTP) ever include a certain gentleman who became a Hollywood superstar?

The Goldbergs is one of the best (if not the best) sitcoms on television and it’s based on the real-life experiences and hilariously dysfunctional family of creator, writer and executive producer Adam F. Goldberg. Set in suburban Philadelphia, PA throughout the 1980s, the Goldberg family is outrageously funny, yet completely relatable. The chemistry on-screen is pitch perfect, the writing is cleverly engaging and the life lessons are timeless and amazing. Plus, the ’80s clothes, toys/gadgets and cultural references are all kinds of awesome. Above all, this show is superbly refreshing and original in an era in which the family sitcom with delicious edge (as Beverly would put it) has taken a nose dive since the mid-part of the last decade. And one aspect of this greatness is Barry, who has a group of friends called the JTP (see above).

It should be noted again that Jenkintown is the suburb of Philadelphia where the show takes place. It’s the town where show creator Adam F. Goldberg grew up in the 1980s. Now, Adam is 38 years old. Do you know what Hollywood star is 39 years old who also spent the 1980s running around Jenkintown, PA, possibly knowing and/or getting into trouble with the real Barry and Adam Goldberg in neon orange jackets with a Walkman strapped to their belt loops?

A picture says a thousand words…



I have a feeling the women discovering this may want to be his snuggle monster (again, in Beverly’s words).

Key Question: When will Bradley Cooper return to his roots (of sorts) and make an appearance on The Goldbergs?

I wonder if he can cobra strike?

Bublé Time is Here

British Columbia-born, big band and Frank Sinatra-inspired singer Michael Bublé will debut his fourth annual “Michael Bublé’s Christmas in New York” television special tonight at 8:00 p.m. on NBC. Thankfully, there is still a modern singer who appreciates the complex simplicity of singing songs with just a microphone and a big band behind him. He writes his own songs and performs classics, which results in performances that positively resonates across the music fan spectrum. The decorations will be festive, the crowd cheerful and the instruments finely tuned. What’s exciting will be the surprise(s) that Michael has thought up for this blossoming Christmas television tradition.           

Michael and Idina recently proved they know a thing or two about classy collaborations and surprises:

Baby, it’s almost 8:00 p.m.!


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